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Card Control Software
GTIN (EAN): 4260179020179
Download and archive driver card
The Card Control Software allows law compliant archiving of the driver card. Additionally you can see the stored data. If you are an owner-driver with this software you fulfil your legal archiving obligations.
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Product images GloboFleet Card Control SoftwareProduct images GloboFleet Card Control SoftwareProduct images GloboFleet Card Control SoftwareProduct images GloboFleet Card Control Software
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GloboFleet® Card Control Software
Product information
GloboFleet Card Control Software
Card Control Plus Software
Windows 10
Compatible with Windows® 10
Card Control Software
Windows 8
Compatible with Windows® 8
Card Control Software 
Card Control Software
Card Control Software Windows 7
Compatible with Windows® 7
Card Control Software 
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Card Control Software
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No LimitThe GloboFleet® Card Control software is the cost-effective solution to fulfil legal requirements to archive driver card data. If you only need to archive and do not wish to analyse the data GloboFleet® Card Control software is the perfect solution for you. With the GloboFleet Card Control software the driver, owner or dispatcher is able to archive the driver card data autonomously. In addition to the archiving conforming to current laws the user has access to the data stored on the driver card in chronological order. The integrated remaining time analysis mentions detailed information about remaining times when analysed.

UpdatesDuring each download of the driver card the data will be stored on your computer automatically and locally. The archiving of the driver card data is made with a digital signature according to regulation (EC) No 1360/2002 and fulfils these requirements.GloboFleet® regularly publishes software Updates for the Card Control Software. These updates improve functionality or extended language support and are free of charge.

Features of GloboFleet Card Control software
Driver card evaluation
Driver card dataDriver card data
Remaining time analysisRemaining time analysis
Used vehiclesUsed vehicles
Activity analysisActivity analysis
Countries passed throughCountries passed through
Error evaluationError evaluation
Special case evaluationSpecial case evaluation
Excel data exportExcel data export
Data transfer by e-mailData transfer by e-mail
Check the accuracy of the file content (Incl. Signatures)Check the accuracy of the file content (Incl. Signatures)
Monitoring the download deadlinesMonitoring the download deadlines
Data archiveData archive
System requirements
Operating systemHardwareMemory requirements
Windows 8Mac OS XWindows® 2000
Windows® XP
Windows® Vista
Windows® 7
Windows® 8
Windows® 8.1
Windows® 10
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
Processor Intel® Pentium® 4,
AMD Athlon or higher,
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
50 MB free hard disk memory
256 MB RAM
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