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Card Control Set
GTIN (EAN): 4260179020186
Download and archive driver card
Card Control Software
Smart card reader for the driver card
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Product images GloboFleet Card Control SetProduct images GloboFleet Card Control SetProduct images GloboFleet Card Control SetProduct images GloboFleet Card Control Set
GloboFleet CC is a solution including a smart card reader and a software to download and archive driver card data. Using GloboFleet CC you always have an overview on current driving and break times of your driver card. Every download you make will be stored on your computer locally and automatically.
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GloboFleet Card Control Set 
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GloboFleet Card Control Set
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GloboFleet Card Control Set
Card Control Plus Software
Windows 10
Compatible with Windows® 10
Card Control Software
Windows 8
Compatible with Windows® 8
Card Control Software 
Card Control Software
Card Control Software Windows 7
Compatible with Windows® 7
Card Control Software 
File size: 49.28 MB
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Card Control Software
File size: 1.64 MB
User Manual 
No LimitThe GloboFleet Card Control Set includes the archiving software card control and a smart card reader to download data from the driver card. This set fulfils all legal requirements for archiving the data of the driver card. The GloboFleet® Card Control Set is the perfect solution for just archiving the data of your driver card with out analysing infringements.

No LimitUpdatesWith GloboFleet Card Control Software the driver, owner or dispatcher is able to archive the driver card autonomously. Keep your records safe in your computer and recall them anytime with the Globofleet software.

Have a complete overview of your activity keeping the minimum in requirements but giving you the maximum in support. Designed for the commercial driver/operator Card Control Software will keep you focused and up to date when handling your data.
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